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Offered Daily June 1st – August 15th

 Jr Paleontology Program – designed for ages 4-12 allows children to become a Junior Paleontologist while they dig for fossil replicas. A guardian must accompany children and is required to purchase admission to the Mammoth Site.

Family Dig Program – designed for the whole family. In this class, families will work together to excavate fossils in a simulated dig site. Lead by a qualified guide, participants will learn how paleontologists discover and excavate a site, using the same tools we use in the Bonebed.

Atlatl Program – designed for ages 8 and older. Participants signed up for our Atlatl Program will learn all about atlatls, from what they are to why they were used. Participants will learn what makes a projectile and how we learn about early human tools. Participants will then get to try their hand at using an atlatl.

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