STEAM Education

Mammoth Site Education

The Mammoth Site has been taking strides to become a world-renown education and research institution and offers a wide variety of projects and programs.

The Mammoth Site is the perfect place for field trips and offers a variety of classes such as:

PreK-K: Mammoths, Mammoths, Mammoths

Activities include a mammoth puzzle, a trunk touch activity, and the opportunity to explore Andrea’s Kids Cave, which offers self-driven sensory-based educational activities. Andrea’s Kids Cave includes a sandbox, which acts as a miniature dig location where kids can use paintbrushes to uncover fossil replicas from mammoths and other Ice Age wonders.

1st Grade: Fossils

Activities include a fossil class where students learn about paleontology while learning about fossil molds and casts. Students get to make their own miniature replicas that they can take home.

2nd Grade: Animal Tracks

Activities include a class on trace fossils and learning about tracks and other things animals can leave behind. Students learn to identify where tracks are most likely to be found and why. Students will create their own track identifying sheet using animal track stamps.

3rd Grade: Erosion

This activity explores the formation of sinkholes and the erosion process. Day one requires a pre-activity at school. Students make miniature sinkholes and bury small replica bones. Day two takes place at The Mammoth Site where students get to dig for the replicas they buried. Students learn the process of sinkhole formation and topographic reversal.

4th Grade: Entrapment

Students learn all about how The Mammoth Site sinkhole formed. The activity involves students making a miniature sinkhole-in-a-glass where they see a sinkhole forming right before their eyes!

5th Grade: Archaeology

Activities demonstrate several different concepts that are all related to studying Paleo-Indians of 10,000 years ago and their interaction with the Pleistocene environment. Science concepts include archaeological inferences, topographic maps, absolute dating, extinction and adaption scenarios, and Paleo-technology.

6th-12th: Odontology- Let’s Study Teeth!

Students learn about the function of different types of teeth and how paleontologists use teeth to identify different species of animals. Students mix plaster and pour into molds of different mammoth teeth.

Curriculum Classes are $2.30 per person with (No Tax) or $2.51 per person with (Tax). The Odontology Class is $4.50 per person with (No Tax) or $4.91 per person with (Tax).

Please call 605-745-6017 to schedule your group visit today!

Can’t bring your students to The Mammoth Site? Why not bring The Mammoth Site to them!

Mammoth-In-A-Trunk Kits

Traveling educational kits for grades K-12 are available for loan from the activity list on the previous page. Most supplies are included for a class of 25 students, along with posters, a teacher’s edition, and related resources material. A refundable deposit and return shipping are required.

The best part of all this is that the kit is free – the kits are part of our education program. All you have to do is provide a check for the value of the kit ($500), or a credit card number to put on file and we’ll send one right out. Once the kit comes back (you pay postage), we tear up the check or shred the credit card number.

Please call 605-745-6017 for more information, to order a kit, or to reserve a kit for a future date.

A stream table allows us to model how water interacts with the land around it. Using one, we can model how streams and rivers move sediment through erosion, how floods occur, and how they shape their landscape. Stream tables make excellent interactive exhibits, allowing guests to freely change the model as they see fit, and observe the results of those changes. An understanding of these processes is vital to understanding how The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs has changed through time, from initial formation/deposition to today.