Learning Activities

Augmented-reality Topographic Sandbox

Our new augmented-reality (AR) topographic sandbox utilizes distance tracking in conjunction with a projector to allow for participants to move sand and see how the projected topography changes in real time. Using this as an interactive exhibit, guests can see how topography impacts where animals and plants are found, why fossils are found where they are, and how the world changes through time.

Stream Table

A stream table allows us to model how water interacts with the land around it. Using one, we can model how streams and rivers move sediment through erosion, how floods occur, and how they shape their landscape. Stream tables make excellent interactive exhibits, allowing guests to freely change the model as they see fit, and observe the results of those changes. An understanding of these processes is vital to understanding how The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs has changed through time, from initial formation/deposition to today.