The Mammoth Site is the world’s leading mammoth educational and research center, accredited museum, and paleontological dig site. It is not owned by a single person and is not funded by any city, state, or Federal funding. As a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) organization, our preservation, education, and research programs are primarily funded through admissions, memberships, donations, and grants. There are many ways to support the Site and leave a legacy. Every dollar makes an impact on continuing our mission. So Thank You for your donation to The Mammoth Site!

Ways to support The Mammoth Site

Please contact Presston Gabel, COO/Business Manager, or Diane Gross, Development Officer, at 605-745-6017 to discuss your plans with us.

Cash Gift
Tax-deductible and goes to the general fund for operations and ongoing maintenance at the Site or to any designated project.

leave a lasting gift that gives in perpetuity; your one-time gift, recurring gift, or a planned gift will provide funding for the Site long into the future. BHACF (Black Hllls Area Community Foundation) matches gifts made to our Endowment Fund on their website:

Gifts of real estate, investment securities, personal property

These gifts have tax benefits for the donor and benefit the Site with cash from the sale of said items.

Donor-Advised Funds
Charitable investment fund that supports The Mammoth Site with donor income and tax advantages.
Planned Gift
Life insurance policies, retirement funds, IRA Qualified charitable distribution, charitable trusts, or remainder trusts provide some income for the donor and the Site while alive, then the remainder is given to the Site.
Naming Opportunities
There are many opportunities for your gift to live on in memory, i.e., exhibits, field station, dorms, collections, technology, and equipment for classrooms, science, and research; opportunities start at $10,000

Please contact Presston Gabel, COO/Business Manager, or Diane Gross, Development Officer, at 605.745.6017 to discuss your plans with us.