Staff and Board

Mammoth Site Board Members

John Pence, President

Dr. Rich Gross, Vice President

Robert Preuss, Treasurer

Caleb Arcenaux, Secretary

Rick DenHerder

Jane Farrell

Greg Gunwall

Dr. Mike Leite

Heidi McBride

Anna Merrill

Randy Schur

Amy Spears

Mammoth Site Staff

Presston Gabel – COO/Business Manager presstong@mammothsite.org

Dr. Chris Jass – Director of Research chrisj@mammothsite.org

Alex Gardner – Conservator conservator@mammothsite.org

Kaylee Hills – Assistant Science Educator kayleeh@mammothsite.org

Rise Lewis – Tour Supervisor/Gift Shop Manager risel@mammothsite.org

Kelly Lubbers – Collections Manager kellyl@mammothsite.org

Claire Scarborough – Public Relations Coordinator news@mammothsite.org

Grace Self – Preparator preparator@mammothsite.org

Sara Senear – Accountant/Bookkeeper saras@mammothsite.org

Seth Vandenberg – Science Educator sethv@mammothsite.org

Jarrett Weimer – Administrative Assistant jweimer@mammothsite.org

Dr. Jim Mead – Emeritus Researcher jmead@mammothsite.org

Sandra L. Swift – Research Associate and Volunteer sandra.swiftone@yahoo.com

Richard S. White – Research Associate rswhite@mammothsite.org