Special Projects

Special projects: Your gift can be undesignated, i.e. use for the greatest need, or directed to one of the funds/projects listed below:

Wireless Campus

work has begun on connecting all the buildings on our 9.5-acre campus with new wiring, technology, and wireless connections for staff, visitors, and scientists for upgrading IT to enhance operations, connectivity, and productivity at The Mammoth Site. Goal: $154,800+

Exhibit Fund

exhibits become learning tools for the museum and your gift brings collections, traveling exhibits, and more immersive experiences to the Exhibit Hall and the Bonebed. Goal: $200,000+

Paleontology Internship Scholarship Program

each intern is paid to learn, teach, excavate, create, and give back to the Site; scholarships include housing and a stipend for each intern.  Annual goal is $130,000

Exhibit platform in the Bonebed

This project involves the engineering and construction of a platform that extends over the Bonebed on the upper level with exhibit cases, railings, and Plexiglas for viewing the excavation of fossils in the Bonebed.  Goal: $150,000 +

Field Station & STEAM Classroom

Equipment, supplies, technology, and human resources will expand our science curriculum and provide a laboratory to share the science of The Mammoth Site.  Annual goal is $10,000

Dr. Larry Agenbroad Fund for Research

Is a one-time gift, recurring gift, or a planned gift with a life insurance policy or charitable gift annuities for grants or scholarships to college students for research.

C. Eddie Clay Legacy Fund for Education

Your gift provides learning opportunities for students, visitors, and researchers as well as equipment, technology, and other gifts for our education program.